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Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core

If you know me well enough, you’d know that I’m a gamer stuck a year behind time. I’m always playing something on PSP or NDS that everyone else has already played, because I either don’t have the discipline or the time. Just wanted to be clear, before you say “Crisis Core? That’s so 2008!”

I was always a Nintendo kid, back when I was a child and was laughed at when wanting to own a PSone when I already had a perfectly good-working console. FFVII however means so much to RPG players today and was so revolutionary in its time, that I’ve always been curious. But playing the original FFVII proved to be… well boring and frustrating. I’ve never been one for Turn-Based Battle systems at all, I cant’s stand being attacked and waiting in turn for attacking, really. Crisis Core is more my cup of tea, the cut-scenes are beautiful and remind you of what a genius decision you made when you decided to invest in a PSP. The enemies start off pretty easy until you get defeated by a surprise demonic summon. That’s when you realize you need some level grinding, and that’s what the side missions are for, aside from expanding the storyline and the whole experience. Your limit breaks are affected by the relationships you make and the feelings you develop for those characters, which in turn have their own cut-scenes.

I know, I’m very visual.

Anyway, enough chitchat I’m going back to playing, I leave you with some screenshots.

Holyfuckingshitttt a Summon?!?! *pauses, takes shot of tequila*


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