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Music: Passion Pit

Discovered it through Pandora Radio, while listening to Phoenix Radio. Loving it so far. Oh yeah, I know I have not been updating, I’ve been on a personal journey of finding myself….through not doing anything at all and basically working out, working at the mall and spending almost all my time with the boyfriend. But updates on everything will surely come, soooooooooooooooooon.


Music: December 25th


I decided to give myself the gift of music and thanks to Pandora ( I’ve discovered some nice bands through the Sigur Ros StationI created.

I am in love...

Funny they (or rather Adam Young) reminds me a lot of The Postal Service, but without the sad memories attached to it šŸ˜‰

Hooked by: Hello Seattle

Faves: Fuzzy Blue Lights, West Coast Friendship

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What I’m listening to: Week Dec 1

Rob Thomas- Cradlesong

The Fray- Self Titled Album

Tiziano Ferro- Nessuno e Solo


I guess you can see a pattern here. It’s been a hell of a month, a completeĀ roller coaster, emotionally, professionally, academically and health-wise. But after those hardships that came without calling them, something (rather someone) visited me while I was at my worst and made me realize I need to make others respect me a little better and that there are people out there who really are willing to do so, only I can’t go out looking for them; they’ll come when I least expect it.

So here’s to a new month, to the last one of this year. Cheers.

Old School Music = win

Re-encuentros con viejos amigos, de hace 8 a~os. De visita a su casa again, el mismo edificio, el mismo elevador, el mismo 200-Disc Holder y me encuentro con esto

Ufffff, y me fui en el mega viaje, la (primera) guaiguita de mi mejor amiga en ese entonces que era una Cherokee Azul y como nos escapamabamos despues de la escuela por ahi, yo claro acostao en el baul del carro. En el bumper, un sticker de Santos Inocentes chinita y como con glitter.

Ay, hay cosas que extrano bien cabron…

Yummy Tunes

“I love College” by Asher Roth

I dunno, It popped out on my Slacker Radio playlist and reminded me a little bit of Gym Class Heroes. Enjoy.

Download his mixtape clicking on the photo.

Mrs Doe says: CLICKA BICHA!