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GoodbyeAnalog’s Android App RoundUp (July 2010)

(I suggest you trust me, start your favorite Barcode App and scan away at these)

This selection might change in the next couple of months, as new and better apps become available in the Android Market, system updates become available, etc. All of these are free, so after the word “Best” there should be a big fat “Free”.  Enjoy!

Best Workout App: CardioTrainer

This is your best bud for everything from running, cycling (at the gym or on the track), weight lifting and yoga. It records your time or you can manually input your workout and share it on Facebook. Keeps track of your calories burned, and while running, tracks your route via GPS, tells you your current time and miles/km traversed over the music your’re playing, which keeps you motivated. You can set your plan, and compare your results with people around the world. I’ve been using it for two months now, and i’ve actually improved my running. From 15 minutes I used to do at the track, I’m now doing 25mins/2.5 miles three times a week (if I’m not too busy with work)

Best Messaging Substitute: Handcent SMS

Handcent SMS

This fully customizable messaging app comes with three themes for your conversation windows, embeds pictures, and includes popups, from which you can reply, insert a quick message, or speech-to-text while driving (only in English, unfortunately. You can add a background picture, and access all the contact’s options directly from the main screen while clicking on a contact pic (call, message, email, navigation, etc)

Best Viral/Meme Feed Reader: BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed QR Code (Click to enlarge)

Only for those with a lot of time on their hands and a dark sense of humor. Feeds off

Best Movies App: Movies by Flixster

Movies by Flixster Movie Detail

Get reviews from RottenTomatoes BEEEFOOREEE you head out and waste all your money on, say, Eclipse. Watch trailers, see your friends reviews (via Facebook) and get Showtimes. IMDB launched their app recenntly, I daresay a bit late.

Best Your-Music App: MixZing Media Player

Mixzing Music Player Artist BioMixzing Music Player Playing Song

I personally like music on my phone and hate the built-in app for music, as it doesn’t let you add album art, unless it’s something you downloaded off AmazonMP3 (seriously…) It has several Widget sizes and the full paid version (which I’m seriously considering) has a full LockScreen Widget you can try out on your first couple of hours. If you’re into Stations, I suggest also downloading Pandora Radio.

Best Artsy-Fartsy Photo App: FXCamera

Includes “Toy Camera” mode, which is sort of a Helga type camera, Polaroid, FishEye. Pics come out pretty cool, gives them a vintage look. Unleash the hipster in you.

Best Geek News App: Engadget

Engadget Top StoriesEngadget Galleries

For Techies, everything from the world of smartphones, computers and controversial hardware. Includes audio/video podcasts. Oh, and sexy-smooth transitions.

Best eBook App: Aldiko  Kindle for Android

Kindle for Android Most Recent BooksKindle for Android Text Resize Options

The truth is Aldiko is a very good and efficient app, but with a poor library and store. It’s good for downloading free classics, but you can’t just search for anything specific. That’s where Amazon’s huge selection of books (600,000+) comes in. Buying books is super easy if you have your payment options set-up at the Amazon site. And it will sync to all your devices with Kindle (Mac, PC, Ipod Touch, iPhone, REAL Kindle). It doesn’t have the brightness shortcut Aldiko does while reading, but I guess you can live with that. It has a boomark function and highlighter, and you can change your page from white, sepia and black, depending on your room lighting/eye comfort.

For everything else: I turn to AndroidTapp, and basically search and read the reviews. Which is where I took all the pics from (there goes your due credit) I’ll be posting a Game Review soon (Free of course)

I’ve still to find a good Tumblr app. Dear Tumblr, please make a Tumblr App, like you did with iPhone. It really isn’t that difficult.

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Blackberry to Android:Day 46

Android 2.0 or "Éclair"

The transition from my Sprint Blackberry Curve 8330 to the HTC Hero has been absolutely painless. I recently powered my old Blackberry and it just felt like this old fat brick, and I immediately had a flashback of my very first Game Boy.

The only thing I can honestly say I miss about the BB is of course, having a real keyboard (I have clumsy fingers, and I even though I’m getting used to the touchscreen I still have a long way to go.) The other would be the ability to uninstall  any application I want. Sprint gives you a smartphone with Sprint TV, some Nascar and NFL crap, Footprints (useless in PR) HTC Peep (for Twitter) and since I updated from “Cupcake” to “Eclair”, Twitter for Android. I use Seesmic for Android, so it seems ridiculous for me to have three twitter clients on my phone.

After the release of “Eclair”, the new Android OS, I had to jump in on the action also. I was scared because it wasn’t a huge release, so I didn’t know if it was official.  Backing up my contacts was a breeze, since they’re synced with Google.  After the update my contacts were there waiting for me. Unfortunately, my apps weren’t and the Market has no History of your downloads after updating.  But I soon recognized what I needed, since the apps I had were so important. Downloading is way easier on an Android. By the time it takes to open and load BB App World, you can finish downloading two apps simultaneously.

I am very happy with the switch I must say. Next: Very Necessary and Cool Apps

Blackberry to Android: Day 1

After much planning, researching and overcoming cold-feet I have finally changed from my old Blackberry Curve 8330 from Sprint to the shiny and Touchscreen Android powered HTC Hero. (See also: “13 days and counting” ) After a day or so of hands-on battery-draining testing each and every corner of the phone, I must say I’m getting used to it. Sure there’s no touchscreen like the iPhone/iPod’s (and now iPad’s) but this Android’s screen is pretty intuitive. I’m loving how I get feedback when I type (a small vibration is felt after typing a character, can be disabled at any time), how much faster I can look for apps in the Android Market, install them and run them. Blackberry App World would take forever just to load.

I’m really excited to see how this device can make my life easier.  I’ve already downloaded a barcode scanner that helped me decide not to buy an overpriced book at Border’s even after a Rewards Coupon I had, emails load much more faster than on the Blackberry and the browser is a whole other experience. I even have an eReader very similar to that of iPad’s actually, and may start reading books again, since I’m gonna be having my phone with me at all times.

One thing I will miss though: BBM. Blackberry Messenger was the fastest and easiest way I had to get in touch with my boyfriend and my closest friends, it had groups support, you could add friends scanning a barcode, etc.

But since the Barcode Scanner can scan a normal barcode and QR code and link you directly to Google for a product search, isn’t it about time a developer came up with something similar for Android users?

I will have my list of the quintessential list of Android Apps and several others as the months go by…. as soon as I figure out how to take my own screenshots and I finish testing EVERYTHING.

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Screen: August


Theme: Duel:Dark
Shutdown Quicklink and Rocket Dock by Gaia ’09, with a little help from noej (Follow her on Twitter!)

Mobile Beta

Trying out “WordPress for Blackberry”, hopefully now I’ll be able to most more frequently.

It’s gonna be a pain in the ass posting in spanish tho’ (los punetas y conos no seran los mismo sin ountos de acentuacion 😦

Blackberry Apps Roundup: June

Palringo IM for BB

I recently downloaded the Palringo IM Cliento for Blackberry, and so far it’s the best multi-platform IM Cliento for mobile. I was using eBuddy Mobile, and though it was good, it worked as a sort of link between the phone and the actual eBuddy sote and not an app by itself, so battery life was considerably drained in a short time. Palringo also includes Facebook chat and iChat for those friends of yours who only have that platform. Facebook Chat users had a tough time setting up their account because of facebook’s security updates. It seems Palringo’s servers are in the UK and since you’re not from the UK, an extra security meassure is needed (Security Question, Capcatcha) not visible on the Palringo App, so many got “Incorrect User/Password. Haven’t been to the forums lately, but it seemed to be resolved after you used a free proxy from the UK on a PC and tried login in and then coming back to the app.  It also supports voice as a sort of “push to talk” and Instant Picture messaging. It’s its own IM for chatting with other palringo users and is avaliable for Mac OS/PC/Windows Mobile and Android.

Ubbertwitter for BB (Beta .55)

Ubbertwitter has proved to be the best Twitter client for us hardcore BB Tweeps.  It’s still in Beta, but is less buggy than TweeterBerry, and is very much complete, including your @replies, DM, Reply, Retweet and the other normal functions in the same menu. Following and Un-Following is even easier, as it recognizes the “@username” everywhere you write it on your BlackBerry (notepad, messages, addressbook) so there’s really no need at all to go to the Mobile Site… which truly is not that friendly.

Facebook for Blackberry updated on Friday and though I couldn’t find a screenshot for it, it includes your friends’ highlights like uploaded pics and posted items, which you can browse directly from the application. It’s a bit faster than the previous version and it will start on a Home Page similar to that of the actual page. Thank God for not having to go to the Mobile Site every time you want to see a friend’s picture!

Pandora Radio for BB

Pandora has proven to be a lot faster than Slacker for streaming free music. It doesn’t slow down my 8330 like Slacker did and doesn’t drain the battery as much. You still have to go online on PC if you want to add artists to a station.

Xenozu YouTube Player for BB

Xenozu has been the only fast way I’ve found to watch youtube on the BB. The BB Browser has nooooo flashsupport at all, and the other one I was using was the Bolt Browser, which I don’t particularly like.  Until the SkyFire Broswer for BB launches at the end of summer, there’s really no good Flash Support for the phone, except if you’ve Upgraded to the latest OS (4.6 I think) and view YT videos through Viigo (which BTW is in Alpha and is a MUST have for BlackBerry users).

That’s it for now, If anyone knows how to upgrade the OS please contact me, I don’t wanna F’up the system while installing.

APPS whore

Since I got the Blackberry Curve, I have become an APPS whore, so this is what Iv’e downloaded so far…

Slacker Radio for Blackberry

Looking for an XM radio app, I found this one for free and so far it’s threatening to replace my iPod… but not quite. WIth a bunch of stations streamed over the Wireless Network, it come quite in handy when you’re in a specific mood. You can also save the stations and hear them later, but I still haven’t figured that one out.

The phone came with the Gmail App installed, but this application includes that, Google reader, the smart search (just like a regular desktop version) and google maps, which works a bit better than Blackberry Maps but slower. The pro: it has an option for satellite view, and Latitudes is just awesome. Latitude lets you see the exact location of other google users who have Latitudes installed on their phone. A very dangerous weapon for jealous girlfriends/boyfriends.

 Ebuddy Messenger

This version is better than the online one by far and it’s perfect if you have scattered contacts all over AIM, GTalk, Yahoo and MSN. Plus, it includes your contacts from Facebook Chat and Myspace IM. I find it bettr than having a separate application for each IM client. Oh, it also has ICQ, but really, ICQ?…

So, I’m still looking for ne that transports me directly to work without driving or taking the bus. Feel free to email me if you find it…