goodbyeANALOG’s Very Necessary Android Apps List (MAY 2010)

First things first, go to the Android Market on your phone and download Barcode Scanner. It scans barcodes from books and other products at the supermarket or other stores so you can check if there’s a better price on the Internet. It’l do a Google Search and compare prices. Trust me I almost bought a $20 book at Border’s, found it on Amazon at $11. You can also scan Qr codes (Those weird square barcodes with a lot of black smaller squares). A lot of apps have their own Qr code, so if you’re interested in any of them you can scan them right from here.

Try scanning this one for example.

For Twitter: Seesmic for Android

At least for me it’s the best ad-free, don’t-pay-a-penny app for Android. It looks clean, it does the job, it has all the functions of the twitter page, plus you can choose how to RT your posts (to appear on your friends’ timelines, “via-” or
“-said” etc). Plus, it supports multiple accounts, which is a feature you can only get in “plus” versions of most Twitter Apps.

For Facebook: Bloo

This is the only native Facebook app so far that has caught my attention (native meaning it’s not web-based) Do everything you normally do on facebook except for facebook chat, friend requests and the inbox looks a little weird, but that’s Facebook’s fault. Oh, and it’s free. You can download Facebook for Android and compare.

For eBooks: Aldiko

This free eBook reader (which reminds me a lot of the iPad App and all the controversy it created) links you to thousands of free classic. The ePub format lets you download on your own on PC and then import the book to your device.

UPADATE: Yeah, so WordPress crashed while publishing this, so after 6 more apps reviewed by yours truly, I lost everything after this one. HUGE round of applause.


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