Blackberry to Android:Day 46

Android 2.0 or "Éclair"

The transition from my Sprint Blackberry Curve 8330 to the HTC Hero has been absolutely painless. I recently powered my old Blackberry and it just felt like this old fat brick, and I immediately had a flashback of my very first Game Boy.

The only thing I can honestly say I miss about the BB is of course, having a real keyboard (I have clumsy fingers, and I even though I’m getting used to the touchscreen I still have a long way to go.) The other would be the ability to uninstall  any application I want. Sprint gives you a smartphone with Sprint TV, some Nascar and NFL crap, Footprints (useless in PR) HTC Peep (for Twitter) and since I updated from “Cupcake” to “Eclair”, Twitter for Android. I use Seesmic for Android, so it seems ridiculous for me to have three twitter clients on my phone.

After the release of “Eclair”, the new Android OS, I had to jump in on the action also. I was scared because it wasn’t a huge release, so I didn’t know if it was official.  Backing up my contacts was a breeze, since they’re synced with Google.  After the update my contacts were there waiting for me. Unfortunately, my apps weren’t and the Market has no History of your downloads after updating.  But I soon recognized what I needed, since the apps I had were so important. Downloading is way easier on an Android. By the time it takes to open and load BB App World, you can finish downloading two apps simultaneously.

I am very happy with the switch I must say. Next: Very Necessary and Cool Apps


One thought on “Blackberry to Android:Day 46

  1. abrenkphone says:

    good article…

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