Blackberry to Android: Day 1

After much planning, researching and overcoming cold-feet I have finally changed from my old Blackberry Curve 8330 from Sprint to the shiny and Touchscreen Android powered HTC Hero. (See also: “13 days and counting” ) After a day or so of hands-on battery-draining testing each and every corner of the phone, I must say I’m getting used to it. Sure there’s no touchscreen like the iPhone/iPod’s (and now iPad’s) but this Android’s screen is pretty intuitive. I’m loving how I get feedback when I type (a small vibration is felt after typing a character, can be disabled at any time), how much faster I can look for apps in the Android Market, install them and run them. Blackberry App World would take forever just to load.

I’m really excited to see how this device can make my life easier.  I’ve already downloaded a barcode scanner that helped me decide not to buy an overpriced book at Border’s even after a Rewards Coupon I had, emails load much more faster than on the Blackberry and the browser is a whole other experience. I even have an eReader very similar to that of iPad’s actually, and may start reading books again, since I’m gonna be having my phone with me at all times.

One thing I will miss though: BBM. Blackberry Messenger was the fastest and easiest way I had to get in touch with my boyfriend and my closest friends, it had groups support, you could add friends scanning a barcode, etc.

But since the Barcode Scanner can scan a normal barcode and QR code and link you directly to Google for a product search, isn’t it about time a developer came up with something similar for Android users?

I will have my list of the quintessential list of Android Apps and several others as the months go by…. as soon as I figure out how to take my own screenshots and I finish testing EVERYTHING.

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