13 more days and counting

And the HTC Hero from Sprint will be mine. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons of making a Blackberry to Android transition, but the pros are winning for now. Also, the Blackberry selection on Sprint is underwhelming. The Curve 8330 is an outdated device which they still sell at BOGO, and just RECENTLY started offering the Curve with Trackpad. Had a chace to test-drive the Tour and it just felt like a bigger Curve with botchy trackball. God knows if I were a T-Mobile customer I would have bought a Blackberry Storm ages ago, but nothing is making me leave Sprint, not for now.

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One thought on “13 more days and counting

  1. […] Curve 8330 from Sprint to the shiny and Touchscreen Android powered HTC Hero. (See also: “13 days and counting” ) After a day or so of hands-on battery-draining testing each and every corner of the phone, […]

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