I love NY by areyeah

In all truth, I can say that the last time I went on vacations was June 2003. My grandma and I were fighting like crazy,  and my uncle bought me a plane ticket to San Diego so we wouldn’t kill each other. Stayed there for a month, taking my cousin to the Bus Stop so he could go to special-camp. But I mostly stayed inside on the computer, waiting for my partner at the time to come online and chat, so I could avoid a huge argument later. No Senior Trip followed (everyone went to get drunk at Punta Cana, Dom.Republic or beautiful Costa Rica). Me, I either worked or studied the following summers.

“New York city, center of the universe” says Angel to Mark after filming a cop and a homeless woman on the streets.  NY has always appealed to me for several reasons. It’s where the Gay Revolution started, in a small pub called the Stonewall Inn on Christopher St, which led to our current fight for LGBTT equality. Part of my family’s untold history lies there, since they did what most Puertoricans did; move to find more money. At least I’m happy they decided to come back to the island, because then my story would be told from a very different IP.

I’m also very interested in studying in the city (or any city besides Macondo USA), so I’m attending an information session at NYU’s Gallatin School of Interdisciplinary Studies. I’m sure I’ll get the same info as the brochure, but I really need to se ethe place before I decide to apply. I wouldn’t want to get there and not feel the place and hate it forever. (see also: UPR-RP)

So, tomorrow I leave, and will come back with the sounds, colors and sounds of the city in my head to share with you all. Here goes nothing.


2 thoughts on “Vacations

  1. Andrew says:

    I am so excited for you! Bon voyage!

  2. Que perra!, oye que no te olvides de mi foto de sephora, LOL!!. GOZATELO TO’ mijo, igualito que en la ijla culipandeando . Buen vieje!, abrazos!!

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