Blackberry Apps Roundup: June

Palringo IM for BB

I recently downloaded the Palringo IM Cliento for Blackberry, and so far it’s the best multi-platform IM Cliento for mobile. I was using eBuddy Mobile, and though it was good, it worked as a sort of link between the phone and the actual eBuddy sote and not an app by itself, so battery life was considerably drained in a short time. Palringo also includes Facebook chat and iChat for those friends of yours who only have that platform. Facebook Chat users had a tough time setting up their account because of facebook’s security updates. It seems Palringo’s servers are in the UK and since you’re not from the UK, an extra security meassure is needed (Security Question, Capcatcha) not visible on the Palringo App, so many got “Incorrect User/Password. Haven’t been to the forums lately, but it seemed to be resolved after you used a free proxy from the UK on a PC and tried login in and then coming back to the app.  It also supports voice as a sort of “push to talk” and Instant Picture messaging. It’s its own IM for chatting with other palringo users and is avaliable for Mac OS/PC/Windows Mobile and Android.

Ubbertwitter for BB (Beta .55)

Ubbertwitter has proved to be the best Twitter client for us hardcore BB Tweeps.  It’s still in Beta, but is less buggy than TweeterBerry, and is very much complete, including your @replies, DM, Reply, Retweet and the other normal functions in the same menu. Following and Un-Following is even easier, as it recognizes the “@username” everywhere you write it on your BlackBerry (notepad, messages, addressbook) so there’s really no need at all to go to the Mobile Site… which truly is not that friendly.

Facebook for Blackberry updated on Friday and though I couldn’t find a screenshot for it, it includes your friends’ highlights like uploaded pics and posted items, which you can browse directly from the application. It’s a bit faster than the previous version and it will start on a Home Page similar to that of the actual page. Thank God for not having to go to the Mobile Site every time you want to see a friend’s picture!

Pandora Radio for BB

Pandora has proven to be a lot faster than Slacker for streaming free music. It doesn’t slow down my 8330 like Slacker did and doesn’t drain the battery as much. You still have to go online on PC if you want to add artists to a station.

Xenozu YouTube Player for BB

Xenozu has been the only fast way I’ve found to watch youtube on the BB. The BB Browser has nooooo flashsupport at all, and the other one I was using was the Bolt Browser, which I don’t particularly like.  Until the SkyFire Broswer for BB launches at the end of summer, there’s really no good Flash Support for the phone, except if you’ve Upgraded to the latest OS (4.6 I think) and view YT videos through Viigo (which BTW is in Alpha and is a MUST have for BlackBerry users).

That’s it for now, If anyone knows how to upgrade the OS please contact me, I don’t wanna F’up the system while installing.


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