Oh well.

I couldn’t sleep, thinking about how I finally, after 22 years of existence, have finally a place I can call my own, paid in full by my hard work and pay. Realizing this, I couldn’t bear to think about leaving it all and flying off to Miami and being a teacher for 2 years, having to start over, leaving Erick, all you guys and my family behind.

Then I log on to check the status of my application.

Dear Jose,

Thank you very much for your interest in Teach For America and for the time and effort you invested in applying to our program and speaking with an interviewer last week. I am very sorry to inform you that, after careful consideration of your candidacy, we did not select you to advance to the next stage of our admissions process.

Your initiative in applying to Teach For America demonstrates your commitment to expanding opportunities for children and effecting social change. While we would like to offer all candidates a path to realizing these aims, we know that Teach For America is not a fit for everyone. Over time we have developed a set of selection criteria that helps us select those most likely to be successful in our particular program.

We know, however, that you have the potential to make a significant contribution to meeting our country’s pressing social needs, and we encourage you to pursue other ways to make a difference. To assist you in your pursuit, we have posted on our website a list of recommended resources. If you also are interested in being contacted by educational and service-oriented organizations that may wish to recruit Teach For America applicants for similar opportunities, you can complete a short form here.

Although this news may bring disappointment, I hope that your experience with Teach For America thus far has been positive. If you would like to share any anonymous feedback on our admissions process, we welcome your reflections and suggestions here.

Lastly, I am sorry that we will not be able to provide individual feedback on admissions decisions, given that we do not have the resources to handle the volume of potential requests. We attempt to minimize the disappointment we know this can cause by being upfront about this policy in our application.

I wish you the best in your future endeavors.


Joshua Griggs
Vice President, Admission

I guess it’s all for the best. you know that means staying over a year in the island, working, saving money and having to start to pay my student loans in December. So, since I’m not leaving anytime soon, I guess I’ll have more time for this abandoned experiment. I know what Michelle will say

…nene, eso es que no te convenía ese trabajo…

More info on TeachforAmerica here.


2 thoughts on “Oh well.

  1. sofa says:

    ay nene, mejor teach for Puerto Rico que a unos motherfuckers malcriaos en Florida. Nuestros motherfuckers son prime beef y de una vez ayudas a sembrar patria.

  2. LoudovikA says:

    Woe, tanta mi-er-da pa’ decirte que no, no es por na’ pero que clase de BICHOS son esos de Teach for America o whatever …cabrones!

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