Viejeras: 28 Weeks Later

Now I’m fan of Boyle’s stuff (Trainspotting, Sunshine, 28 Days Later) so it’s only natural that I’ve been wanting to see the sequel to ’28’ for the longest time. I’m such a huge fan of the tastefully-done zombie genre, and the first instalment of ’28’ blew my mind. If you watch this and other films like I Am Legend, Dawn of the Dead, etc, and think about the plausible extreme mutation of the virus (more so than now) and also consider expired plagues the Bubonic and Tuberculosis, it’s totally frightening and a mind-fuck. Loved the music (of course, Murphy’s a genius – see also: Sunshine OST) and the camera work and the running around in the dark London streets reminded me of Cloverfield a bit.

There’s also a strong cirticism (IMHO) towards the military thinking they have control over the situation, when in fact they’re solution to the problem at all times is total anihilation, in case the RAGE virus gets out of hand. It’s amazing how 28 weeks have passed and still, no one knows how the virus works, really. The Nature stronger and smarter than man is a movie theme that never gets old, and it’s beautifully played with here.

Replay Value: *****/*****


One thought on “Viejeras: 28 Weeks Later

  1. LoudovikA says:

    Yo la ví! y la volvería ver cuantas veces sea necesario … UFF!. Exelente pelicula. I shit in my pants!.

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